Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sporty Chic 2011


PUMA’s new Women’s Soccer Training collection has everything you need to make you look both fierce on the field and comfy-cool when hanging with the girls – check out my favorites!

Puma Soccer Scimmel

Made of moisture-wicking material, this cropped tank is perfect when you’re playing hard. Also, the back’s contrasting pattern will give opponents something to look at as you dribble past!

Statement Soccer Jacket


This jacket keeps you prepared for Spring’s unpredictable weather and looking cute while you stay warm. Wear over a tank or mini-dress to create an effortlessly cool look.

King Finale Green

These cleats are super comfy and provide the perfect fit thanks to being made of ultra-soft premium leather. Plush, the contrasting colors really pop – making your goals even more dazzling.

Soccer ¾ Reversible Tee


This versatile tee lets you change colors, giving you two options to rock. It also looks equally great whether you wear it with shorts as you sprint down the field or paired with your favorite jeans for class.

Soccer Capri

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